Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Examining the Stages of Interpersonal Communication Assignment

Examining the Stages of Interpersonal Communication - Assignment Example Someone was playing a prank on him and had taken away his clothes as he was swimming. He did not have a locker there since he was not a member so he had left the clothes on the benches when he went to the pool. It can then be considered that the first meeting was a bit funny and also sad. This was the initiating stage and it was characterized by us meeting in the pool area and the changing rooms and exchanging pleasantries whenever we could. I had the idea that he wanted to be my friend since he always said hello whenever we met and seemed more comfortable putting his clothes and bag near where I kept mine. When he asked me for my number so that he could get in touch and we could be swimming together, I knew that he wanted us to be friends. In the experimenting stage of our relationship, we began calling each other and planning for swimming together. This stage was definitely experimenting since we were always trying to know more about each other. I particularly wanted to find out where Tim lived, his hobbies, whether he had brothers and sisters, which school he went to and so much more. Later I came to realize that he also wanted to know the same and this was a way that would help us to reduce uncertainty (Adler & Proctor, 2012, p. 256). At this particular stage, I tried my best to appear as a good person so that Tim would be comfortable being my friend and he even let me know that there had been some guys at the gym that had always bullied him and played pranks on him and that was what had happened the first time we had met. As this stage progressed, we had more time around each other especially when going swimming since I had come to realize that Tim liked swimming the same way that I did. Severally, we visited each others’ houses and in the process I met his parents and siblings and when he came to my place, he got the chance to meet my parents and my brothers too. In this stage, I tried to be as direct as possible and told Tim the things that

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