Thursday, December 12, 2019

Publick speaking free essay sample

The outline and folder prepared for section is NOT required at state level. However, the student must be able to provide the event administrator with the title of the speech. National: The first and second place winner in state competition will represent California at the National Leadership Conference. Advisers and participants should refer to the latest edition of the FALL Chapter Management Handbook for national competitive event guidelines. OVERVIEW This event consists oaf four (4) minute speech.The speech must be of a business nature and must be developed from one or more of the nine (9) FALL-PL goals. The alls Include: Develop competent, aggressive, business leadership. Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work, Create more interest In and understanding of American business enterprise. Encourage members in the development of individual projects which contribute to the improvement of home, business, and community Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship and foster patriotism. We will write a custom essay sample on Publick speaking or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Encourage and practice efficient money management.Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty. Assist students In the establishment of occupational goals. Facilitate the transition from school to work. (continued) If a student In grades 7 or 8 places first or second at the State Leadership Conference, he/she may not compete at the national level per national eligibility guidelines. PUBLIC SPEAKING I (Page 2) SECTION GUIDELINES A proof of grade level for each participant In this event (except middle school members) must be mailed with the registration materials for the Section Conference.Grade level must be highlighted or circled. At conference registration the chapter adviser or designed must submit three (3) copies, In a single, standard file folder, of a typewritten speech outline (topic or sentence format) not to exceed one page, on 8 school. The tab of the folder must be labeled with participants name, school, and event title. The student is disqualified if insufficient number of copies submitted.Deduction of penalty points for Public Speaking I: Incorrect number of folders-?3 points Tab of folder not labeled properly-3 points Name and/or school not on outline-5 points If ther e are a large number of participants at a section conference, there may be a preliminary and final round. SECTION AND STATE GUIDELINES Student members, not advisers, must prepare speeches. Facts and working data may be secured from any source. Participants must report at scheduled time regardless f conference activities. All participants must show photo identification at the time the event starts or he/she will not be allowed to compete.A faxed copy is not acceptable. Participants in this event must adhere to the FALL Conference Dress Code or he/she will not be permitted to participate. The student must be able to provide the event administrator with the title of the speech. When delivering the speech, the participant may use notes or note cards prepared before the event. No visual aids may be used. Video taping of speeches is not permitted. Participants may not have any physical contact (I. E. Handshake) with the Judges prior o the presentation. The event administrator will introduce each participant by name only and announce the title of the speech. The speech should be four (4) minutes in length. If a student goes more than one (1) minute past the maximum time allowed, the students presentation will be stopped. The student will not receive an additional time penalty. (continued) PUBLIC SPEAKING I (Page 3) A timekeeper will stand at three (3) minutes. When the speaker is finished, the timekeeper will record the time used by the participant, noting any deduction of five (5) points for each speech under 3:31 or over 4:29 minutes. JUDGING Each Judge will use the regular rating sheet to score students.After all performances, each Judge will rank his/her own top ten performances from one to ten with first place receiving ten points, second place nine points, all the way to one point for tenth place. Then, the total points from the ranking system from each Judge will be added together to determine the top places per the guidelines. If there is a tie, the rating sheet may be used to break the tie. All decisions of the Judges are final. Note: If there are only two Judges, the scores from the rating sheet will be used instead of the ranking system.

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